Past Events

Wildfire 2016

Incendium Stage:
48Hours, All Consumed, A’priori, Banshee, Cairo Sun, Demons Of Old Metal, Dendera, Dorje, Fireroad, Gasoline Outlaws, Hellbound Hearts, Inglorious, Kane’d, Massive Wagons, Nest Of Vipers, One Last Run, Orangefall, Rusted Hero, Sinocence, Sister Rose, Sky Valley Mistress, Spartan Warrior, The King Lot, The Jokers, Thirteen Stars, Wretched Soul

Infernus Stage:
A Joker’s Rage, Avenford, Baleful Creed, Black Nevada, Colour Of Noise, Crowsaw, Dead Dollar Days, Die No More, Divine Chaos, Excellent Cadaver, Forever Never, Halo Tora, Hell’s Addiction, Mason Hill, Screaming Eagles, Soldier, Solitary, Stone Broken, The Deep, The Idol Dead, RSJ, Turbyne, Vardis, Vice

Horrorfly Stage:
Acid Trial, Bloodthread, Burning The Dream, Circle Of Tyrants, Co-Exist, Corrupt The System, Dog Tired, God Damn Brewery, Internal Conflict, Let’s Play God, Lifer, Lucifer’s Corpus, Of One Blood, Pelugion, Sworn Amongst, Triverse Massacre, Warhead


Wildfire 2015

Main Stage:
Anihilated, Bad Touch, Balls Deep, ColdSpell, Crimes Of Passion, Diamond Head, Emperor Chung, Empire, Estrella, Fahran, Hellion Rising, Holocaust, Kaine, Knock Out Kaine, Lawless, Lawnmower Deth, Liberty Lies, Line Of Fire, Lord Volture, Max Raptor, Press To Meco, Promethium, Ronin, Salem, Silverjet, Solitary, Spirytus, Ten, The Burning Brows, The Idol Dead, The Toi, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Tysondog, Uncle Rust

CackBlabbath/RACPA Stage:
Animator, Bigfoot, Corrupt The System, Dakesis, Die No More, Disposable, Dog Tired, I.C.O.N., Mason Hill, Pteroglyph, Rank Berry, Scarlets, Soul Remover, The Parallax Method, The Rising Souls, Thirteen Stars


Les-Fest 2014

Main Stage:
Bacchus Baracus, Bad Touch, Bleed From Within, Cambion, Crash Mansion, Cypher16, Deadly Circus Fire, Defy All Reason, Demonic Resurrection, Disposable, Dog Tired, Fahran, Falling Red, Fireroad, Fury, Guttergodz, Haerken, Incassum, Incinery, Inferno, Martyr De Mona, Mask Of Judas, Massive Wagons, Nexilva, No Sin Evades His Gaze, Reign Of Fury, Sa-Da-Ko, Savage Messiah, Signed In Crimson, Skreamer, Spill 16, Spirytus, The Burning Crows, The Dirty Youth, The King Lot, The Wild Lies, Vantage Point, Voodoo Vegas, What’s The Damage!?

CackBlabbath Stage:
Bad Touch, Black And White Boy, Captain Horizon, Christie Connor-Vernal, Curran, Exit State, Incassum, Inferno, Pat McManus Band, Static Rock, Steel Threads


Les-Fest 2013

Main Stage:
Achren, Afterlife, Altered Sky, Arceye, Artisfiction, Babylon Fire, Bisongrass, Bonafide, Bonesaw, Bull-Riff Stampede, Chasar, Cnoc An Tursa, Dana O’Hara, Derision, Descend, Diementia, Estrella, Evile, Excellent Cadaver, Falter, Fighting Wolves, Fire In The Empire, Firebrand Super Rock, Furyon, Hangfire, Hell Is Harmony, Jettblack, Karybdis, Mad Hatter 2.0, Mair, Massive Wagons, Mercury Underground, Monument, My Extraordinary, Primitai, Ravenface, Severenth, Skarlett Riot, Sinocence, Skam, States Of Panic, Sworn Amongst, Temple Dawn, The Goddamn Electric, The Sanity Days, Triaxis, Twisted Species, Virus, Winter In Eden

Metal Angels Stage:
Catherine Sillars, Christie Connor-Vernal, Dan Dean, Dave Arcari, Diane Jardine, Inferno, Kieran Coats, Lucifer Fallen, Big C’s Metal Spoken Word, Scott Cowie, Sinocence, Steel Threads, The Dawgheads, The Gnomes, The Goddamn Electric, Triaxis


Les-Fest 2012

Main Stage:
15 Times Dead, Attica Rage, Bekon, Colours To Shame, D3vilMayCry, Dana O’Hara, Deadly Inscription, Dirty Rose, Estrella, Fantasist, Inferno, Kyrbgrinder, Let’s Play God, LlamaFunkSnarf, Lost Persona, Massive Wagons, Praying Mantis, Severenth, The Amorettes

Rock For Funds Stage:
Christie Connor-Vernal, Craig Weir, Dan Dean, Dannii Yelo, Scott Alan Simpson, Target 13